Tuesday, September 29


Carmelita is an Economics major and is employed with a private sector bank.  Her creative writing skills are exhibited in freelancing feature writing assignments and on her website.

Her blog falls under the Top 25 of the Best Mumbai Blogs to Follow in 2019, by Feedspot.com ranking.

She has an eye for offbeat travel, having visited seven continents and seeing more than what meets the average eye.

Though not a cook per se, her tips on smart cooking are a thing to reckon in her food and cocktail recipes.

As if this is not enough, she dabbles now and then in studio-singing stints which have gained her a sizeable fan following. She has trained in voice-overs which may be her next venture. 

That she is an avid reader is but natural, with a bent for literary classics which in turn have lent its influence in her blog writing panache.