Tuesday, July 14

Liquid Gold – A “Hot” Cocktail Recipe

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If you thought that whiskey was for the gentlemen, think again.  Whiskey and sweet?  Why not, if you think out of the “box” – the apple juice “box“!

Whiskey and I were never synonymous, well not until I attempted a unique preparation that suit my palate. Not accustomed to plain spirits, I have a preference for mixed drinks. Mixed with a sweet mixture preferably. It wasn’t long before I came up with this recipe to make whiskey more palatable, as much to my lady friends as to me.

Then there is the question of impressing one’s guests with something unique, something hot and something nice. Well, LIQUID GOLD is unique, hot and ideal in wintry weather or on a cool rain-soaked day.

A peg of, say, Signature Whiskey
A small tetra pack of Appy Apple Juice
A cup of water

4 to 5 cinnamon sticks (for the base, plus garnish)
A highball glass
A stirrer

Cinnamon story

     Boil three to four sticks cinnamon in water for 10-15 minutes.
     Add a pack of apple juice, boil for five/seven minutes as it needs to be served and sipped warm. Let’s call this an “apple-cinnamon hot mix”.
     Pour the “apple-cinnamon hot mix” into a glass till three-fourths full, then add a shot of whiskey. Stir ever so lightly, with a glass stirrer if handy.
     Throw in a cinnamon stick as garnish.

An invigorating drink at the end a long sapping week, like a nice cuppa tea with a spike.
Those who don’t usually dig whiskey will relish having it this way. Try me.
Unique and simple don’t go hand in hand, but this one does.

Whiskey in a glass


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