Tuesday, July 14

Green Lady – A Cocktail Recipe

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What is the origin of the word cocktail.  What has a cock’s tail or, for that matter, a fowl’s got to do with mixed drinks?

Technically speaking, any mixed beverage with one of its ingredients being alcohol may be termed a cocktail.

More of a cooking buff I paid scant attention to cocktail mixing but caught up soon with the art as I was smart enough to understand its paybacks at a party.  This led me to embark on an experiential journey of mixing this and that.  Mocktails and Cocktails.  On a serious note, however, I am not exactly a fan of the mocktails theory or what are but virgin cocktails.  No spirit really, at least not to me. 🙂

So here’s one of my safe choices for a cocktail recipe, one that almost always never goes wrong.

Green Martini (photo credit: Pixabay)


Gin (perhaps a Vodka would go well too)

Khus Green Syrup – 90ml

Dukes Lemonade – a little less than a cup

Lime Juice – 20 to 30ml

Mint Leaves – a fresh bunch, or a handful – from large hands

Cherries (for garnishing, if need be)

Ice cubes

Martini cocktail glass/es


  • Throw some ice rocks into a pestle. Add a good bit of fresh mint leaves followed by some lime juice.  
  • Add a bit of Khus syrup, after giving the Khus bottle a good shake.

Watchout Tip: Do not add a drop over the defined quantity as Khus like bad perfume could affect the aroma of the drink.

  • Pour the “mixer”, which is lemonade in this case, into the mixture. Then beat it well enough for the aroma of mint to blend in nicely.
  • A cake beater should be good enough.

Watchout Tip: Avoid using a grinder or blender as it will not produce the same effect as muddling/beating.  You won’t want the drink to be a watered down version of a green paste.

  • Strain the blend into the Martini cocktail glass directly (or into a separate pitcher).
  • Add a shot of gin, then stir gently.
  • Garnish with a few mint leaves. Or pop in a cherry, if you like.
  • If you’ve got it right, you’ll get the minty whiff far before you’ve sipped the drink.

I really dig this cocktail as it brings on the flavours of a herb garden.  Is light on the palate, mildly bubbly and refreshing.  A summer drink.


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